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Member Benefits

Networking and Partnerships

CHOLLA members stay abreast of current news, events, regulations, opportunities and initiatives in the Southern Nevada education community. Provider members are connected to others in similar positions, and can seek advice and feedback from professional members. School district, government, higher education and other professional members are provided opportunities for partnering with Informal education providers and building relationships which serve to better connect to their audience.

Professional Development Workshops

CHOLLA offers its professional and provider members a variety of professional development opportunities. These include the annual CHOLLA Symposium and various workshops, which cover topics such as program development, program evaluation, education standards such as Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core, diversity and inclusion in education, technology in education, interpretation, volunteer management, safety and risk management, and others.

Professional Peer Review for Programs

CHOLLA members qualify for program development support and assistance from the CHOLLA Executive Committee. CHOLLA assists members with program updates and development, training and other services.

Program and Job Promotion and Marketing

CHOLLA maintains an active email list serve, website, and Environmental Education Exchange, which are available to members to promote programs, events, jobs, trainings, or other needs.

Representation in State and Local Events

Education is important to all of us. Together, we have a larger voice, and can express our shared goals more effectively. CHOLLA represents member interests in the Nevada Stem Coalition, Nevada Academic Content Standards Implementation workgroup, Clark County School District, and others.

Member Requirements

Regular Participation in CHOLLA Meetings and Events

CHOLLA hosts four regular meetings yearly, and a longer planning meeting each May (meetings occur on the third Wednesdays of September, November, January, March and May). CHOLLA also hosts a yearly Symposium and other Professional Development workshops. Although we certainly understand that some sites may not be able to attend all meetings and workshops, regular attendance and involvement in the CHOLLA community is an important and expected part of CHOLLA membership.

Join a CHOLLA Committee

CHOLLA currently hosts four committees: Professional Development, CHOLLA Symposium, Outreach, and Membership. All CHOLLA members must join one of these four committees. Although we understand that sites will naturally have varying levels of time to dedicate to committee objectives, regular input and involvement is an important and expected part of CHOLLA membership.

Support of Informal Education Guiding Principles

CHOLLA members support the CHOLLA guiding principles for informal education; the CCSD transportation and Risk Management policies; and other professional education guidelines, generally outlined in the CHOLLA Guiding Principles document. Support of principles help our community speak as one voice on a school district and state level. Assistance is available through the Executive Committee to help members reach Best Practices.

Provide Relevant Data

CHOLLA provides the Clark County School District information on our impact on education in the region annually. This data generally includes the number of programs delivered, participants reached and types of programs delivered. Providing this information is an important measure of our services to the community and is required of member. It is also used for updating the brochure, website and other internal documents, etc.

Provide Site Contact Information

CHOLLA maintains a member list that the organization uses to provide members with announcements, opportunities and other events. It is the responsibility of individual sites to keep their contact information accurate and up to date.

Failure to adhere to the above requirements may result in your organization being removed from CHOLLA membership.

Additional information may be found in the Membership Packet.

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