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About Us

What is CHOLLA?

CHOLLA (Connecting Hands Offering Lifelong Learning Adventures) is a consortium of community agencies and the Clark County School District that collaborate to provide opportunities for connecting and extending classroom learning.

Our Goals

The goals of CHOLLA are to correlate educational experiences with Nevada Academic Content Standards, give students direct experiences with the real world, match the educational programs of agencies with school curricula, allow students to interact with professionals and see career opportunities, and introduce students to lifelong voluntary self-directed learning.



CHOLLA is committed to using informal education sites and opportunities in Southern Nevada to enhance formal education. CHOLLA members recognize the strengths of informal education, and support the following guiding principles for informal education by providing specific services.

Benefits and Strengths of Informal Education:

  • Informal Education provides Real World Application of Concepts;

  • Informal Education provides Unique and Authentic Experiences which are harder to replicate in classroom learning settings;

  • Informal Education creates a Sense of Place that strengthens community;

  • Informal Education provides Content Specialists that increase student interest, engagement, and attention

  • Informal Education Improves Student Proficiency, as students who integrate the outside environment into learning perform better than students who only participate in traditional classroom environments

  • Informal Education is Engaging and Flexible, offering learners a chance to grow at their own speed;

  • Informal Education inherently engages Multiple Learning Interests and promotes Lifelong Learning.

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